As previously announced, AAUW NC will be reorganizing for 2006-2007. Below is a link to a list of those who have volunteered to serve AAUW NC for the next year. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are included for board members — i.e. the elected officers and others who have been approved by the executive committee. We are still open for others to help — either as members of the board or for one-time tasks. See for an overview of how to contribute. For questions, corrections or comments, please contact Nancy. A full directory (with mailing addresses for all state/branch officers and other state volunteers) will be available to the AAUW NC members by July 15. If you have questions for AAUW NC, and aren’t sure of the right contact, please e-mail or use (866) 525-2155 (voice mail and fax).

Elected and appointed AAUW NC officers and other volunteers

Branch presidents (who also have a vote at the board meetings)

Note that by its bylaws, branch presidents or their designees carry a vote at the AAUW NC board meetings. Therefore, some of the people listed as “off board” representatives among the AAUW NC volunteers may still have voting privileges at the AAUW NC board meeting — either as branch presidents in their own right, or representing another branch. We value their willingness to contribute and honor their decision to make what may be a limited contribution rather than sign up for the responsibilities of board service.

[Article edited after these lists were posted on the main web site. There’s no need to duplicate them here.]